About Us

Sexc's Spa N Boutique is your one stop shop for ALL things Sexc!!!   We offer Mani & Pedi/Spa Services, Ladies Apparel, Shoes, Accessories, and coming soon we will be offering some salon and esthetician services, Men and Children's apparel, and so much more!!!

The Spa:

Our Mani & Pedi/Spa Services are an amazing start to your Experience!!!   We offer everything from Paraffin Wax Treatments to an amazing Massage Therapy Treatment. and so much more...   With your Mani & Pedi Spa Treatment you have the option of different types of Foot and Hand Soaks, as well as a myriad of treatments to help you not only enjoy your Spa Services but promote health and well being that will have you coming back for more, get your EXPERIENCE today!!!


The Boutique:


Our Boutique has a phenomenal clothing line that will not only add to your Experience it will also help you bring your Sexc back...   We have wide variety of clothes from casual to elegantly dressy...   Who doesn't like to shop???    You can shop our online Boutique or check out the pieces we currently have available while you are indulging in your Phenomenal Spa Experience...     What do you desire to achieve???   Don't wait til the last minute to get that item you need we have plenty of options and varieties of apparel with you in mind so lets get make your Boutique Experience and Amazing one!!!